PreProd Network

Use the Cardano preprod which is an independent network, separate from the Cardano mainnet and test your integration.

PreProd Nodes

Please contact us to learn more.


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Our Pricing

Tiered Pricing. If you have any questions, contact us!

Mint Pricing

Total Per Asset

Fixed Fee
Unlimited assets per month


* These tokens are returned to the payor's address along with minted assets and any change

** The bond will depend on the number of transactions required to process the collection of assets. Each transaction has a limit for metadata size, which is 8 kb per transaction.

Token Bond



(2.9 ADA)

Royalties Bond


(2.9 ADA)

Blockchain fees

~ 0.2 ADA

Start Creating Now

Create A New Collection

Use the launchpad to create a collection of tokens. NFTs or Fungible tokens, just pick the amount. Everything under one policy.

Authentication is Required

You must be registered and logged in to create Cardano native tokens and enable IPFS features. It's very quick to register.

Resources And Community Support

Take a look for more information about blockchain, the cardano ecosystem and more.

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